Children will be priority in my administration: HCG

HCG Diet: Are you so desperate to inject pregnancy hormones to lose weight?

Countless people are looking for ways to lose weight, especially in ways that make the pounds melt away quickly. A diet that promises to help people lose unwanted weight is the hCG diet and judging by how popular it has recently become seems to give results. However, the so-called HCG diet is controversial.

Have you ever tried to lose weight by injecting hormones in your body?

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG is produced by pregnant women. It is composed of cells that form the placenta, and levels can be detected through a blood within 10 to 14 days after conception. Overall, levels of hCG in a pregnant woman will double every three days, maximum reach between 8 and 11 weeks quantities, and then decrease during the remainder of the pregnancy.

What the hcg got make in your diet

If I take a natural hormone in the body of a woman making during pregnancy lead to weight loss? That’s exactly the promise made by the hCG diet. In addition to taking hCG, if a dieter were also going under a low – calorie foods, can result in weight loss of up to a pound per day, without causing hunger or weakness.
One thing we know is that a low calorie diet will result in weight loss. Obviously. Really.

Most studies have shown that hCG has little or nothing to do with rapid weight loss. When the body is starved and deprived of calories, you go into starvation mode which is neither healthy nor safe.

The HCG diet limits the dieter to 500 calories per day (!!!) for a period of eight weeks while taking hCG injection, drops, pills or sprays. Any of these products can be purchased in health food stores, online or at a pharmacy. From now on, none of these products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss.

HCG shots are legal, but only if approved by a doctor. The hormone is used to treat fertility problems, but over-the-counter products are not recommended or regulated by the FDA.

If people lose weight fast What’s wrong with the HCG diet?

Medical professionals are not likely to recommend anyone follow the hCG diet, because it leads to permanent weight loss not. There are countless research studies that show that a person is better served by eating a healthy diet and regular exercise, every day. If a person restricts themselves to only 500 calories per day, which will result in significant weight loss. However, you end these accidents, fad diets do not take any more weight loss after one year if a person could modestly reduce your calories and increase the amount of exercise they do.


The HCG diet does not work and comes with dangerous side effects

Supporters of the HCG diet claim that regular injections increase the metabolism and break down stored body fat.However, being on the diet actually reduces the metabolism and causes severe loss of muscle tissue. While the dead body starving for a week could cause extreme weight loss is not permanent. The hCG diet actually lead to weight loss – like any “diet” that involves very few calories – but when a person goes back to normal eating habits, the weight will come back again as quickly as it he was lost.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that hCG does not really help for weight loss, and concluded that “there is no scientific evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity, but does not cause loss weight or fat-redistribution or reduce hunger or induce a sense of well – being. ”

When people manage to lose weight with HCG diet, it is most likely due to a combination of placebo affect and caloric limitations. In short, the hCG diet does what it says on the tin. What’s more, it can be dangerous. The American Pregnancy Association says that the possible side effects of human chorionic gonadotropin include temporary hair thinning, blood clots, leg cramps, headaches, constipation and chest pain.

In addition, when a person is shot hCG someone other than a health care professional licensed, there is no way to know exactly what is in the injection. The Food and Drug Administration does not approve the use of over-the-counter HCG, the ingredients are not regulated and products sold online are illegal. Although they are allowed physicians to use the product for off-label uses, giving a person enters a dark area.

The FDA labeling for products approved HCG requires the following information: “HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from the caloric restriction, which causes a. distribution more attractive or “normal” fat or decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets. ”

How to Lose Weight Safely

Managing your weight is like a balancing act. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. However, if you consume fewer calories and engaging in regular exercise, you will lose weight.

Many people want instant gratification and go to drastic extremes in order to lose weight fast. However, it is not always safe and starving himself, watching the unhealthy lifestyle and trying questionable methods of weight loss is never a good thing for anyone. There are better and safer ways to lose weight!

Dieting is only one way to lose weight, but in order to stay in shape is important for a person to make lifestyle changes.Permanent weight loss is not something that will happen overnight, nor will last unless a person learns to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Several popular diet plans can promise weight loss, but you need to make permanent changes in your lifestyle and make healthy food choices to ensure that works long term.

A person seeking healthy weight loss should set a target of one or two pounds per week, such as losing weight too quickly takes a toll on the body and is not sure. Set short-term goals and work hard to get a half hour of exercise daily, as it will help you become healthier and slimmer.

Before starting any diet plan like ex: hCG shots , it is important to make sure that it is healthy to do so. Talk to your doctor to determine what type of diet and exercise plan that works best for you.

Obama and other politicians who have admitted smoking marijuana

Obama reiterated Sunday that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, although not recommended.

Obama and other politicians who have admitted smoking marijuana

Sunday January 19, US President Barack Obama said that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.

“As has already been well documented, I smoked marijuana when he was a minor and consider it a bad habit and a vice, but not very different from cigarettes I smoked since I was a young up much of my adult life. I do not think that is more dangerous than alcohol , “the president said in an interview with the magazine The New Yorker.

It is not the first time the president admits to having smoked cannabis by glass pipes for sale when he was young and is not the only American leader who has. In 2006, when he was Senator, he admitted having used cannabis. “I inhaled frequently. That was the point. ”

Here other leaders who have agreed to experiment with marijuana at different points of his life.

Bill Clinton

In 1992, when he was running for president of the United States, the then governor of Arkansas admitted to having experimented with marijuana when he lived in England, where he studied at the University of Oxford. He received many

criticisms because he admitted having experimented with cannabis, but I have never inhaled.

John Kerry

The current Secretary of State admitted smoking marijuana during a debate in 2003, shortly before becoming the presidential candidate by the Democratic caucus. In the debate, the moderator asked everyone present who was willing to accept having smoked marijuana in the past.

A Kerry endorsed Democrats John Edwards and Howard Dean.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin leaves the Republican presidential nomination process. Photo: AP.

Sarah Palin leaves the Republican presidential nomination process. Photo: AP.

The Republican who strongly opposes abortion and marriages between people of the same sex seems to have a more relaxed view towards cannabis. In 2006 he recognized the middle of Alaska Anchorage Daily News that he had tried marijuana, “he could not back a Bill Clinton and say that he had not inhaled,” but he did not like and no longer smokes.

George W. Bush

I bush_hijo

While never accepted public having smoked marijuana, various recordings of his talks the president Doug Wead, a friend of his father, where he admitted not wanting to answer questions about the use of marijuana because “I did not want it reported that a child repeat his mistake. ”

Andrew Cuomo

When he was still the governor of the city of New York, Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of the state, he admitted having smoked marijuana as a youth.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York. Photo: AP

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York. Photo: AP

The famous New York mayor admitted in 2002 to having smoked marijuana and have enjoyed it. “I experienced young, like many in my generation. I never lie so when I asked him admitted. Am I sorry that my statements come out on the front pages the next day? Yes, I regret. ”

Juan Manuel Santos

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

The current Colombian president acknowledged in 2010 that in his university days he smoked marijuana in the United States as most of his colleagues at the University of Kansas. It was in the 1970s, when he studied Economics and Business Administration.

Fashion, cosmetics and politics embrace the neuromarketing

Because of the economic crisis, widespread loss of purchasing power in the Spanish population has meant a blow to sales of companies in most sectors. A fact that has resulted in a tremendously competitive market in which, depending on the sector, between 70% and 80% of new products fail during their first year of life . With the goal of maximizing the impact commodities and get your advertising messages partners remember and be attractive, the Neuromarketing, Science and Business Association presents the lecture series ‘Neuromarketing Theory and Practice’.

This innovative discipline, even at an early stage in Spain, is a step beyond the traditional concept has been marketing themselves by incorporating techniques of neuroscience. “Its implementation is relatively recent because, when economic results were good and sales were going well, it was not necessary to resort to them , ” explains Paco Arribas, CEO of lift x preço e descontos. “We are looking to add another link to the chain of marketing to include new resources such as MRIs, encefalografías systems eyetracking (tracks where the gaze is directed) and techniques of biometrics and facial recognition , ” he adds, “these tools serve to assess the emotional reactions to a whole level of people without using the cognitive part of your brain. ”

To carry out these tasks requires a multidisciplinary team that allows better understand the reality of the products and their associated advertising campaigns. “While traditional marketing can address the problems of everyday consumer, through the resources of neuroscience and a team of psychologists we seek to know the reactions of people on a subconscious level and understand their behavior when choosing ‘says Arribas.

The president of the NSBA in Spain, Antonio Casals, during his lecture. THE WORLD

“The marketing traditional addresses the day, we the behavior of fund”

The part of the brain that Antonio Cassals, representative in Spain of the NSBA, called “reptile brain is the part that helps the segregation of chemicals such as norepinephrine and serotonin, which responds to emotional, tangible stimuli, marked by a beginning and an end, visual contrast and fear, stimuli ,”he continues,” which are those thatserve a particular product attracts attention to us and become attractive compared to the more than 10,000 brands that we are subject every day. ”

This discipline has helped to highlight some blunders that both the marketing and advertising being committed. “After evaluating a sample video ad we realized that a neurological level, without advertising, consumers only had high levels of liking and attention to the 21% of them . An identical percentage showed average levels and spent almost unnoticed. 26% had low levels of attention and appreciation and 22% high rates of attention and rejection, a fact that is counterproductive and usually occurs in sectors such as banking ‘were observed.

Among the sectors that the Spanish neuromarketing has achieved greater acceptance include political communication, cosmetics and fashion, luxury segments. For example, Elena Glotova, product manager of Mango explains how thanks to a study of 25 women who combines psychometrics, biometric tests and a qualitative analysis, it concluded that “most choose to give up their preference for something safer and 66.7% are guided by the color when opting among several dresses. ” On their applications in cosmetics, Maria Lopez Valdes, founder and CEO of BitBrain Technologies partner indicates how applied the techniques of this discipline on behalf ofL’Oreal for its store in Madrid: ” We conducted tests in a laboratory neuromarketing and its establishment know the subconscious reactions of customers to observe their furniture products in order to reorganize and better capture their attention. ” Finally, Arribas tells how in conducting studies Brain Inside ” to meet spontaneous reactions that cause the various candidates in the brain of voters and the values ​​associated with each of them from your photograph.” A work that has been carried out in several Latin American countries and on behalf of Sigma2.

The political brain is emotional

The brain decides what you believe, not what you see
The early Greeks, including Aristotle, put special emphasis on studying the process of communication, but from several approaches, from a process know the reality or have access to knowledge and then share it or even to the first expressions of what we now call public opinion that Plato was the “doxa”, one of the lowest levels of knowledge. However, Aristotle achieved set up what is known as an art rhetoric to convince or persuade, and in the process, it was very important to the message sender. For many years after, the focus of political issuer was the main reason for study, considering that it was essential piece the way they talked to the public, skill and reliability of the issuer to convince the audience, and now novelty and the new challenge is to put emphasis on reception, ie those receiving the political message or persuasive communication.the focus on the receiver has been addressing the role of emotions and perceptions in the political language and political campaigns . to have the expected impact on the vote or the electoral decision political consultant Gutierrez-Rubi believes that accepted the “emotional intelligence”, politicians begin to assess the management of emotions as a key vehicle to generate the feelings that allow them to pass – so that a particular message is perciba- in the best conditions. He says there is a new look at the importance of non – verbal communication (gestures, movements, tone, details ….), responsible for determining public perception. It is no longer judged politicians, continuous Gutierrez-Rubi, only by their words and promises, but their appearance and attitude also play a decisive role. A gesture out of place or equivocal behavior can undermine the confidence of citizens. Many already know the lethality of a nervous giggle at the wrong time. Keywords generate images, consolidate previous conceptual frameworks and are the prelude of emotions. Emotions are understanding and mentions the famous neurologist Eduardo Punset who said that neurologists are finding that the brain decides based on what you believe, not what you see, that is, we see the world as we believe there to see it. this principle of one of the basic premises of perception in politics, which is also reflected in the political, commercial or marketing campaigns. Reason: slave of emotion in a trial of Sanz Ortiz on the relationship between medicine and emotion, points the ancient Greeks believed that humans possessed two minds. Perceived dichotomy between head and heart, mind and soul, but did not consider that one was superior to the other. While praising the reason, logic and empirical compression also revered forms of intuitive, beneficios do fatorgenius, aesthetic and imaginative intelligence. He explains that Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) said that “the heart has reasons that reason does not know” while David Hume (1711-1776) said that “the reason is the slave of passion (emotion)”, which since the Enlightenment (French and German rationalism) has been believed that man can and must be guided only by pure reason. The goal of rational method is to establish the “truth”, ie widest possible consistency between what we believe and what actually occurs in reality. Recent biological findings point to the need to integrate reason and passion. The two realities, the mental (function) and brain (structure) are inseparable and interact. Modern science tends to support the idea that reason and emotions are allies, not antagonists. Add Sanz Ortiz in his interesting study that the old prejudice is that our emotions are irrational and interrupt or disturb our lives. There is no doubt that in certain occasions emotions can be a substitute for reason. Fear (emotion par excellence) manages to keep most humans out of danger, fast and with little or no help of reason. Emotions connect us with the ethics, values, with happy, healthy and good life. Indeed, since 1751 about the English philosopher David Hume, pointed out that the reason can not move the man, but it is and should be slave of the passions, on the grounds that moral judgments are not rational, but emotional, that is, the feeling. Feelings are the forces that we are determined to act, that give moral value to a decision. Moral judgments express the feeling of approval or disapproval that we produce certain behaviors and are a form of basic feeling of sympathy; and these feelings are natural and disinterested. To apply this concept of David Hume to the current electoral decisions, Gonzalez Muñoz believes that the reason is the slave of emotion and electoral politics the assertion becomes more and more weight, which has led several parties to start designing their campaigns and to select their candidates with other parameters, such as political intelligence, that under no circumstances should be dismissed because queno this is a minor breakthrough. Also they focus to describe the components of political intelligence and provide additional thoughts on the new centrality of the neurosciences in politics. Several years ago , Marshall McLuhan predicted that politics is emotion and not just debate on programs and detailed proposals, and wrote .. “policies and issues are useless in electoral terms, because they are too specialized and controversial design the candidate’s image has replaced the debate on views in conflict” Already said the writer Drew Westen, the brain politician is an emotional and in his research on the political brain cancer, said that always struck that despite having records of militants numerically superior and political values ​​and economic principles are shared by most Americans, Democrats lose elections more often than Republicans. He also noted that found that elections are won in the “marketplace of emotion” and not on the reason and when emotion and reason fight will lose invariably. Taking reference the results and the electoral process in the United States North America, according Westen, this is due to the Republicans better understand the political brain and appeal better to emotion, and therefore in the last 30 years have won more times the presidency and Republicans sitting presidents have been reelected with more easily, while Democrats have not understood that the data hard by themselves do not lead to victory. in his book “Political Brain” he states that the modern conception of the mechanics of the human mind has nothing to do with the way it works effectively. Among the conclusions of Westen are two with their respective implications for those who make policy or study: First, that the candidates of the major parties, when they are in season, they should not worry about trying to attract members of other parties, but strive to persuade to cause 10% or 20% of the voters of the center called changing (or swichters) and added to their traditional party base, generally about 30%, could give victory. Second, the political brain is an emotional brain; . that we are not facing a machine dispassionate calculation which objectively seeks facts and adequate numbers to make a reasoned decision with these conclusions, the author proposes a new kind of intelligence: political intelligence, with these components: emotional intelligence, empathy, ability to emanate and call comfort or welfare, and skills to build coalitions and manage hierarchies and general intelligence. And finally, now it is enough to transcribe a phrase Political Brain which could well be the core of the work and the seed of a new political perception of how our parties campaign and selected candidates: “We can not change the structure of political brain, which represents millions of years of evolution, but we can change the way you speak. “

How to use social media as a political tool

Social networks have become a very important channel for political campaigns, as it has multiple benefits, including:

  • Social networks allow improve knowledge and communication with the public and especially the voters.
  • Social networks provide the political reach directly to the public without the participation of journalists.
  • The number of people present in social networks is growing every day.
  • Social networks allow politicians to give a personalized treatment to your audience.

Steps to Create a Social Media Policy Strategy (Policy 2.0)

1. Define the objectives .
The first step to define a social media strategy for a politician is to determine the objectives of this strategy. There are many possible objectives which are:

  • Use it as a channel for spreading information about what happens in the political campaign.
  • Increase the visibility of the politician.
  • Increase the feeling of closeness with the community.
  • Increase awareness of the audience through an active listening politician.
  • Using Crowdsourcing (participatory democracy) for the audience to participate in the construction of proposals for the campaign.

2. Define your audience.

It is very important to determine the target audience that the campaign wants to reach through social networks. If the hearing is necessary should be segmented according to characteristics:

  • Psychographic : social class, life style, personality, etc.
  • Demographic and socio-demographic : age, sex, education, social class, etc.
  • Geographic : city, country, etc.

3. Define social networks in which they participate

Knowing the audience and objectives of participation in social networks should define the social networks in which we will participate. The most important social networks for political participation are:

  •  Twitter : This channel is ideal for reporting what happens in the campaign in real time. It is also an excellent means of spreading information than what is published in other channels such as website, Facebook, etc.
  • Facebook : This social network allows a more emotional and close management. Photos and videos are usually very effective in this channel.
  • Youtube : serves as a repository to have a YouTube channel where videos generate campaigns or other means are stored. This information should viralizar Twitter and Facebook.
  • Other social networks : Google+, Flickr, Instagress, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks can also be used by politicians.

4. Create content that generates value to the audience.

  • You must create value-added content to the target audience, to do so you must know your audience very well.
  • To achieve a professional management of content on social networks recommend to hire a Community Manager who has experience in social networks.
  • It is important to note that the content of videos campaigns are very effective in building trust and closeness.

5. Generate interaction.

It should promote people to participate and communicate with the company.

  • It is very important to ask for feedback on the proposals and program plans.
  • It should answer all the questions and comments that make us people in all social media channels.
  • You can also make a crowdsourcing strategy to build a participatory manner programmatic plan of the campaign.
  • It should promote a culture of discussion and not end up with arguments attacking the person, for this is essential to lose the fear of criticism.
  • We can use social networks as a channel that will help us validate the acceptance or rejection of our proposals.

Use social networking policy6. Encourage participation.

They should use social networks to reach political militants or sympathizers.They should implement strategies to get contact information for these supporters such as:

  • Register to vote.
  • Motivating call other people to talk about the candidate.
  • Attend events.
  • Encourage friends and family to register as supporters.

7. To promote the spread.

  • We must design strategies for journalists and opinion leaders continue on social networks accounts of the campaign, this will facilitate the spread of information issued.
  • A good strategy is to publish information in real time, as journalists and opinion leaders want to have the information first hand.

8 . Advantage mobile

  • They should continuously monitor the capabilities of mobile devices to be used to benefit the campaign.
  • The SMS can be a good alternative to communicate and promote content of interest.

9. Combine online campaign with the offline campaign .

  • Whatever is happening in the offline campaign should be reported to the coordinators of the online campaign to ensure that both campaigns are coordinated and common goals.
  • Communication should be ongoing between the two channels.

10. Create a protocol for reputation management

This is one of the most important parts of the presence of a politician in social networks. It should be clear to management protocol attacks on reputation. Among the aspects to be considered should be taken into account:

  • I create management committee attacks on reputation.
  • Select tools reputation monitoring social networks.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Rating attacks on reputation.
  • Actions to be taken according to the magnitude of the attack.
  • Monitoring after the attack.

11. Other aspects to consider policy 2.0.

  • Democracy is a two-way dialogue. The way democracy to be one-way communication to a dialogue with voters. This requires that the form of communication is close and warm.
  • Using Social Networks in politics is a long-term work . Avoid creating and implementing a policy strategy 2.0 shortly before the elections and would fail to meet the objectives in the initial part. It is important to note that you should never give up social networks after the elections.
  • Radical change of attitude. It should take into consideration that the citizen has much more power in the Policy 2.0 than in traditional political campaigns because they have at their disposal a powerful communication tool like social networks.
  • Social Media you can not lie to people . If the tweet did not write the candidate should be clarified in the biography of the account so that the audience knows.

Finally I leave you with a question:

Do you know any additional strategy to use social media in politics?

Political parties will have new General Accounting Plan in 2016

Political parties must adapt their accounting to the new General Accounting Plan adapted by the Court of Auditors and bookkeeper brisbane for its specific characteristics, from next January 1, 2016, although the formulation of consolidated annual accounts, including the controlled companies and foundations will not be enforceable until 2018.

The Plan, published yesterday in the Official Gazette, determines that the form of Constitution adopted by the political formation (Federation, Confederation, coalition…), determines the degree of centralization of financial information and its dimension and the level at which economic decisions are made conditions the administrative and accounting organisation established by the party.

This diversity is intensified especially at the local level, in which the degree of functional autonomy, administrative and accounting procedures of the territorial and institutional organization varies significantly matches with national implementation to those who restrict their activity to the local and municipal level.

According to reports Iuris & Lex in a comprehensive report in its next issue, which will be published on Friday, October 25, in some cases, political parties come keeping shares in corporations, generally, for the total social capital, whose main activity consists in the holding and administration of real estate related to the development of activities of the party , as well as in real estate management of offices of the party and operation of catering services.

Ban on commercial activities introduces no doubt and generally a simplification in accounting to be applied the political formations, being in this context therefore, less necessary, unlike what happens in the Business Plan, the incorporation of two blocks of criteria, having been chosen as indicated, in General , by those included in the Plan of small and medium-sized enterprises; and, second, on the grounds that a phased implementation of the accounting requirements will ensure an effective compliance with new obligations imposed by the organic law 8/2007.

As a result of which most of the income of political formations correspond to public subsidies, whose amounts are determined on the basis of the election results and are awarded annually, the accounting result presents a different meaning of which is given in the scope of entities for profit.

The content of the standard in the field of grants, donations and bequests is determined by nature not finalist of aid who receive these formations, except the security costs related. That is why, in General, all subsidies and monetary donations received is recognised directly in the income statement, constituting the exception cases in which should be recorded directly in equity.

For the purpose of carrying out assigned supervisory competence to the Court of Auditors, this has estimated necessary to establish different criteria for determining the organic links, criteria which were adopted by agreement of the plenary of May 28, 2009. In particular, are considered to be linked to a political party those foundations that have been created with a direct or indirect majority contribution, of the same; those, whose founding heritage, with character of permanency, is composed by more than 50 percent of goods or rights contributed or transferred by the party; or those whose Board is controlled by the party in similar terms to which is regulated to the mercantile society the linkage in article 42 of the code of Commerce.

Without prejudice to the legal nature of foundations and their peculiar operating regime, are considered, for the purposes of the representativeness of the financial statements of political parties, the consolidated annual accounts which best reflect, in all significant aspects, the economic-financial activity of the political party, independence of the information that should be incorporated into the memory on the Foundation connected with the nature of economic and financial relations with them maintained.

Damage usually not covered by insurance for home

When we go to an insurance company we are almost always presents its different toppings. Likewise, when we go to buy insurance you look at the price and try to find the cheapest deal. Both behaviors are normal but can spread a deadly trap that lurks behind the damages that are not covered by the policy. Therefore, if you are evaluating different home insurance on the market, you must not only consider their coverage but also the damage that will be unprotected . In this way you avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of a claim.

The specifications of the fine print

Haste is not a good ally and this maxim also applies to the case of home insurance . Before signing a policy you should take the time to read it carefully, including the fine print. Anywhere you feel is dark, you can rinse with an agent of the insurer itself. By law, all damages that are not covered in home insurance must be specified in the contract.

Although each insurer has its own toppings, usually the problems are not covered in home insurance they are:

  • Damage caused intentionally by the insured or members of his family.
  • Deterioration careless of objects or property after a disaster.
  • The lost property due to the negligence of the insured after a loss.
  • Damage due to lack of maintenance, repair and maintenance of housing that can be wholly or partially attributable to the insured.
  • Incidents perpetrated due to fragmentation, oxidation or manufacturing defects, maintenance and construction of housing.
  • Damage caused by the construction or repair works carried out in the home.
  • Damage resulting from use of the apartment with purposes other than their own home, such as conducting business.
  • Softening and loosening of the soil of the continent (provided that there is a special clause to include them in the policy).
  • Losses caused by mechanical, thermal and radioactive effects caused by political, social, wars and conflicts of local or international scale events.
  • Damage caused by water pollution, air, radiation leaks, toxic and polluting fumes.
  • Damage considered by law as extraordinary and qualified by the national government as “national catastrophe or disaster”.

The proposed safe home A#1 Emergency Service

A#1 Emergency Service (water damage restoration orange county) provides one of the most comprehensive home fixing service that exist today in the market. With this policy you will be covered against the fraudulent use of credit cards as well as to a robbery on the street and you reset the cost of replacement keys. Likewise, you assistance 24 hours a day in the same household and have the right to legal defense.

In addition, your home will be secured by the value of the building, which means that in case of loss, the house will be rebuilt as it was before. Of course, lost or damaged property shall be assessed for value as new, without applying any depreciation or franchise. Also, if you want to have a personalized insurance, A#1 Emergency Service offers over 30 toppings from which you can choose the most convenient.

Chillán gynecologists denounce political motive on accusation of the FNE

Trade union leader defended the right of doctors at to be represented by the trade union organization in the negotiation with the isapres. He described as derisory fines and criticized acting ophthalmologists and psychiatrists, not serving by Fonasa.

The President of the Association Union of gynecologists obstetricians of the province of Ñuble, Francisco Baldecchi, said that behind the indictment filed Wednesday by the national economic Prosecutor (FNE) with the Court of the free competition, by the collusion of 25 physicians associated in the fixing of tariffs and the termination of the agreements with the isapres There is a political motivation.
Professional said that they wanted to raise a subject the public to benefit a member who is a candidate for Senator (Felipe Harboe). “It says that it defends the interests of the poor, but we are talking about the isapres,” he said, and dismissed the accusations of the FNE, as well as the proposed fines.
Baldecchi described as “derisory” fines of 30 UTA (14.6 million pesos) for each of the accused doctors requested to apply the FNE, at the time that criticized the public prosecution which has been made of the Guild.
“Why not did before? Why they don’t care of Fonasa? How many attend by Fonasa? Why psychiatrists and ophthalmologists do not attend by Fonasa? “, questioned the Union leader.”
Baldecchi added that doctors left to supply insurers, but continued doing by Fonasa or in a particular way.
Also darts against the isapres noted: “we are at a disadvantage, isapres are large companies, holdings that have vertical integration, because they are owners of clinics and medical centers, and we all we wanted was to improve the conditions in which we worked, which were not favorable, and remained so during the past five years”.

In June 2012, the FNE initiated an investigation to determine the possible collusion of medical gynecologists, who at the beginning of last year put an end to their agreements with the isapres, jointly and simultaneously, since failed negotiations with these institutions to increase the tariff of the specialists.
In addition, also are accused of having increased in a joint and simultaneous manner their tariffs, from the $13 billion by providing paid in January 2012, at a minimum price of $25 billion.
According to the FNE, doctors would have created the trade association to negotiate jointly with the isapres and Act (collusion) concertedly, what would have been proven in research. Even doctors entrusted you to the President of the trade union organization, Francisco Baldecchi, the Mission of representing them in negotiations with the isapres.
The FNE considered this conduct as collusion, which is aggravated even more since these 25 professionals would represent close to 90% of the medical supply of specialty in Ñuble.
Therefore, the research body, in addition to requesting the above-mentioned fines, requests an additional fine of 50 UTA ($24.5 million) for Baldecchi and the dissolution of the trade union organization.

Defense of the physicians
The trade union leader said that defending it are studying with a team of lawyers from the Medical College, who have worked with them since the investigation was initiated.
He recalled that he attended to declare in the framework of the mentioned research and that it is now up to the Court to cite them again, where you may submit their disclaimers.
Accessed from the bottom of the accusation, he said that the doctors were entitled to put an end to the agreements and that there was no collusion. “What happens is that it was obvious that someone had to represent the gynecologists and converse with the isapres, and that role is assumed by the trade association, or imagines 25 doctors negotiating?”.
With respect to the decision to terminate the agreements with the isapres, Baldecchi explained that “we went because the conditions were not favorable and had not changed in five years, we did” exercising a freedom.
Asked about the FNE request respect of dissolving the Asociación gremial for having been the platform to carry out collusion, and that would have been created for this purpose in August 2011, leader flatly rejected it and said that the Agency was not created for that purpose.
“We believe the trade association to perform different functions, the main objective was to ensure the ethical and moral performance of professionals in areas such as the delivery of medical licenses, for example; “what happened was that some time of created was the subject of agreements and labour was drifting towards that, but in any case it was created for that”, said with vehemence the optional.

The 20 best political films

I like the political cinema . I think you do not discover a world, but obviously I enjoy a good movie of this genre, whether fiction or recreation of reality. In fact, I prefer the former. The reason is simple: when a writer or a director reflects the political reality in a political fiction film gives us a lot of information on how we staged politics, power and political communication in everyday .

A few days ago I saw on Twitter putlocker that were organized in the Aula CAM Alicante the “Color Cycle Obama” , with projections of various political films and talks with interesting characters like Enric González or John Carlin. On the one hand, I felt a deep envy for not attending the cycle … and on the other, the need to share with you my twenty favorite political films (no particular order).

  1. The American President : creation of Aaron Sorkin is the embryo of The West Wing. A Democratic president widower falls for an environmental activist in Ecuador’s mandate. Political turmoil in Washington and a true reflection of the American presidency. And see the president’s chief of staff Bartlett be priceless.
  2. In the loop : the vicissitudes of the communication device of the British government. A largemouth minister and a US allies eager to seek the best adjective for a war in Iraq. Fine irony. Funny and surprising.
  3. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb : a classic film and a somewhat characteristic vision of the Cold War. A film so imperative that even shown at the University … legendary red phone!
  4. JFK : Oliver Stone recreating the assassination of President Kennedy and the trial after the assassination. Kevin Costner is left in this classic nineties.
  5. The Lives of Others : the beginning of the end of communist rule in East Germany is reflected in this film. Creators and artists, freedom and loyalty to the party: the tension that keeps you alert and amazed throughout the film. The Stasi pure.
  6. Citizen Kane : usually appears in the rankings. No longer the political films, but in the best movies ever. Welles shows us a powerful man. With everything that entails.
  7. All the President’s Men : The Story of the investigation that led Nixon to resign, with four Oscar behind.
  8. Nixon : Oliver Stone continued to reflect the biographies of American presidents with this film dedicated to the first and only US president resigned. Anthony Hopkins comes out.
  9. Primary Colors : John Travolta and history of primary elections. The vote until the last minute. Inspired by the Clinton marriage, with that mixture of political and skirts.
  10. Kamchatka : the Argentina dictatorship and a childhood that is truncated, fades, disappears. Anxiety hiding, fleeing. Fresh start for a world that no longer exists.
  11. 28 Weeks Later : sequel to “28 Days Later.” A virus has devastated the UK and begins the repopulation of central London under NATO command. Difficult decisions. The human being, the organization of society at its best.
  12. Invictus : and he had his role in this blog at the time. John Carlin’s book made ​​into a film, the story of Nelson Mandela effort to make the instrument of rugby to unify a country.
  13. Wag the dog : luxury lineup, with Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Anne Heche. A quick, very fast film. But good. Very good.
  14. L’Auberge Espagnol : one of the programs of the European Union-of the Commission, to be exact most successful, Erasmus has his film. Europeans in Barcelona share experiences, orgasmus, worries … and a way of understanding Europe shared by all Erasmus.
  15. Good bye Lenin : What if you woke up from a coma and country had changed regime? Funny, sensitive and interesting movie.
  16. The Queen : Helen Mirren impressive and excellent narration of the week that changed the reign of Elizabeth II. Blair interesting role in the film, with recreations of key moments in British politics of the century.
  17. Aprile : Nanni Moretti has pieces of your life that match the rise of the left to power in the 90s after decades of Christian democracy.
  18. The Basque Ball: Julio Medem’s documentary did not leave anyone indifferent. He tried a taboo subject and gave voice to a diverse political and ideological spectrum.A magnificent accomplishment and a vision of Euskadi missed.
  19. Salvador : the story of Salvador Puig Antich, executed one of the last of Franco, brought to the big screen.
  20. Wave : What if an experiment to explain what fascism leads to a dangerous fanatic wave?

And yours? What political films marcaríais as essential?

Photo campaign, the foundation of success for political

Every so often, every city in the country, whether they are small or large, suffer from saturation advertising  of dozens of candidates trying to get at all costs the vote of society.

Of all sizes and colors, we see signs on poles, billboards, public transport and so on are the start of a season that will see the faces of the political contestants from morning until evening.

As if this were not enough, many times, in addition to having to do dozens of times to the same person, we have to suffer with advertising that we focus on one bad photograph taken of the candidate seeking exposure.

Although strategists do not realize is precisely this last point, the photography professional headshots boston , one of the issues that can most affect the campaign of a character who seeks to convince voters that he is the best choice.

While often hire all kinds of specialists to design the areas of work, the reality is that few experts give campaign photography fair value it deserves, without realizing that this issue is one of the most important that exist in a contest .

Why this neglect? Mainly because of ignorance about the role of photography in a campaign. Currently 8 out of 10 photos that are taken campaign are made ​​by non-experts in the field.

And is that unlike what happens with other areas of political marketing , within photography “all experts feel able to judge without really knowing what is at stake”, he explains in an interview with , David Ross, one of the most important political portrait of the country.

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Why is it important campaign a photo?

There are several reasons why a campaign can not afford to have a primary photo of poor quality, however, Ross stands four points by which this definitely can not happen.

1. Starting point

The photo campaign is extremely important because it is responsible for opening a campaign , showing people the face and image of the person who will be looking for a certain period the conquer through their ideas.

2. Working 24 x 24

The candidate rests in the spots also means, however, his image is always exposed to the public at all times, that is why a bad picture magnifies the possibility that a candidate falls into an election.

3. Base Campaign

From the photo campaign you can decide the strategy to be followed throughout the race, relying on each of the values ​​that shows through their gestures or way you are.


4. It covers territorial confines

As we mentioned at the beginning, the photo of a relevant candidate because it is virtuallypresent everywhere , thus exposing themselves to the eyes of all voters, who may end up hating a bad image.

What should give notice the campaign photo?

David Ross for the objective to be to have an image of this type is to generate excitement in everyone, from the most humble to the most eccentric entrepreneur who need to be convinced that the person who will vote gives them confidence .

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Are different emotions that can bring a picture of this type, however, the priority is to make people feel charisma and empathy for the person seeking his representative.

“A portrait is required to show the emotion and strength of a leader , you need to design and introduce into the viewer’s mind the power that this person will have to defend their needs, “says Ross.

The expert concludes by pointing out that the photo campaign is so essential, that 80% of the result of a fair election rests precisely on it, so in no way can pass unnoticed by the strategists of a candidate.

“People think that the campaign photo is only a single image, but it is not because it is an element of political marketing as important as it is a discourse “.

How good or bad are the photographs of the campaigns we usually see in Mexico? Why do you think that the campaign managers as taking little attention to this issue?