Photo campaign, the foundation of success for political

Every so often, every city in the country, whether they are small or large, suffer from saturation advertising  of dozens of candidates trying to get at all costs the vote of society.

Of all sizes and colors, we see signs on poles, billboards, public transport and so on are the start of a season that will see the faces of the political contestants from morning until evening.

As if this were not enough, many times, in addition to having to do dozens of times to the same person, we have to suffer with advertising that we focus on one bad photograph taken of the candidate seeking exposure.

Although strategists do not realize is precisely this last point, the photography professional headshots boston , one of the issues that can most affect the campaign of a character who seeks to convince voters that he is the best choice.

While often hire all kinds of specialists to design the areas of work, the reality is that few experts give campaign photography fair value it deserves, without realizing that this issue is one of the most important that exist in a contest .

Why this neglect? Mainly because of ignorance about the role of photography in a campaign. Currently 8 out of 10 photos that are taken campaign are made ​​by non-experts in the field.

And is that unlike what happens with other areas of political marketing , within photography “all experts feel able to judge without really knowing what is at stake”, he explains in an interview with , David Ross, one of the most important political portrait of the country.

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Why is it important campaign a photo?

There are several reasons why a campaign can not afford to have a primary photo of poor quality, however, Ross stands four points by which this definitely can not happen.

1. Starting point

The photo campaign is extremely important because it is responsible for opening a campaign , showing people the face and image of the person who will be looking for a certain period the conquer through their ideas.

2. Working 24 x 24

The candidate rests in the spots also means, however, his image is always exposed to the public at all times, that is why a bad picture magnifies the possibility that a candidate falls into an election.

3. Base Campaign

From the photo campaign you can decide the strategy to be followed throughout the race, relying on each of the values ​​that shows through their gestures or way you are.


4. It covers territorial confines

As we mentioned at the beginning, the photo of a relevant candidate because it is virtuallypresent everywhere , thus exposing themselves to the eyes of all voters, who may end up hating a bad image.

What should give notice the campaign photo?

David Ross for the objective to be to have an image of this type is to generate excitement in everyone, from the most humble to the most eccentric entrepreneur who need to be convinced that the person who will vote gives them confidence .

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Are different emotions that can bring a picture of this type, however, the priority is to make people feel charisma and empathy for the person seeking his representative.

“A portrait is required to show the emotion and strength of a leader , you need to design and introduce into the viewer’s mind the power that this person will have to defend their needs, “says Ross.

The expert concludes by pointing out that the photo campaign is so essential, that 80% of the result of a fair election rests precisely on it, so in no way can pass unnoticed by the strategists of a candidate.

“People think that the campaign photo is only a single image, but it is not because it is an element of political marketing as important as it is a discourse “.

How good or bad are the photographs of the campaigns we usually see in Mexico? Why do you think that the campaign managers as taking little attention to this issue?

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