The 20 best political films

I like the political cinema . I think you do not discover a world, but obviously I enjoy a good movie of this genre, whether fiction or recreation of reality. In fact, I prefer the former. The reason is simple: when a writer or a director reflects the political reality in a political fiction film gives us a lot of information on how we staged politics, power and political communication in everyday .

A few days ago I saw on Twitter putlocker that were organized in the Aula CAM Alicante the “Color Cycle Obama” , with projections of various political films and talks with interesting characters like Enric González or John Carlin. On the one hand, I felt a deep envy for not attending the cycle … and on the other, the need to share with you my twenty favorite political films (no particular order).

  1. The American President : creation of Aaron Sorkin is the embryo of The West Wing. A Democratic president widower falls for an environmental activist in Ecuador’s mandate. Political turmoil in Washington and a true reflection of the American presidency. And see the president’s chief of staff Bartlett be priceless.
  2. In the loop : the vicissitudes of the communication device of the British government. A largemouth minister and a US allies eager to seek the best adjective for a war in Iraq. Fine irony. Funny and surprising.
  3. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb : a classic film and a somewhat characteristic vision of the Cold War. A film so imperative that even shown at the University … legendary red phone!
  4. JFK : Oliver Stone recreating the assassination of President Kennedy and the trial after the assassination. Kevin Costner is left in this classic nineties.
  5. The Lives of Others : the beginning of the end of communist rule in East Germany is reflected in this film. Creators and artists, freedom and loyalty to the party: the tension that keeps you alert and amazed throughout the film. The Stasi pure.
  6. Citizen Kane : usually appears in the rankings. No longer the political films, but in the best movies ever. Welles shows us a powerful man. With everything that entails.
  7. All the President’s Men : The Story of the investigation that led Nixon to resign, with four Oscar behind.
  8. Nixon : Oliver Stone continued to reflect the biographies of American presidents with this film dedicated to the first and only US president resigned. Anthony Hopkins comes out.
  9. Primary Colors : John Travolta and history of primary elections. The vote until the last minute. Inspired by the Clinton marriage, with that mixture of political and skirts.
  10. Kamchatka : the Argentina dictatorship and a childhood that is truncated, fades, disappears. Anxiety hiding, fleeing. Fresh start for a world that no longer exists.
  11. 28 Weeks Later : sequel to “28 Days Later.” A virus has devastated the UK and begins the repopulation of central London under NATO command. Difficult decisions. The human being, the organization of society at its best.
  12. Invictus : and he had his role in this blog at the time. John Carlin’s book made ​​into a film, the story of Nelson Mandela effort to make the instrument of rugby to unify a country.
  13. Wag the dog : luxury lineup, with Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Anne Heche. A quick, very fast film. But good. Very good.
  14. L’Auberge Espagnol : one of the programs of the European Union-of the Commission, to be exact most successful, Erasmus has his film. Europeans in Barcelona share experiences, orgasmus, worries … and a way of understanding Europe shared by all Erasmus.
  15. Good bye Lenin : What if you woke up from a coma and country had changed regime? Funny, sensitive and interesting movie.
  16. The Queen : Helen Mirren impressive and excellent narration of the week that changed the reign of Elizabeth II. Blair interesting role in the film, with recreations of key moments in British politics of the century.
  17. Aprile : Nanni Moretti has pieces of your life that match the rise of the left to power in the 90s after decades of Christian democracy.
  18. The Basque Ball: Julio Medem’s documentary did not leave anyone indifferent. He tried a taboo subject and gave voice to a diverse political and ideological spectrum.A magnificent accomplishment and a vision of Euskadi missed.
  19. Salvador : the story of Salvador Puig Antich, executed one of the last of Franco, brought to the big screen.
  20. Wave : What if an experiment to explain what fascism leads to a dangerous fanatic wave?

And yours? What political films marcaríais as essential?

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