Chillán gynecologists denounce political motive on accusation of the FNE

Trade union leader defended the right of doctors at to be represented by the trade union organization in the negotiation with the isapres. He described as derisory fines and criticized acting ophthalmologists and psychiatrists, not serving by Fonasa.

The President of the Association Union of gynecologists obstetricians of the province of Ñuble, Francisco Baldecchi, said that behind the indictment filed Wednesday by the national economic Prosecutor (FNE) with the Court of the free competition, by the collusion of 25 physicians associated in the fixing of tariffs and the termination of the agreements with the isapres There is a political motivation.
Professional said that they wanted to raise a subject the public to benefit a member who is a candidate for Senator (Felipe Harboe). “It says that it defends the interests of the poor, but we are talking about the isapres,” he said, and dismissed the accusations of the FNE, as well as the proposed fines.
Baldecchi described as “derisory” fines of 30 UTA (14.6 million pesos) for each of the accused doctors requested to apply the FNE, at the time that criticized the public prosecution which has been made of the Guild.
“Why not did before? Why they don’t care of Fonasa? How many attend by Fonasa? Why psychiatrists and ophthalmologists do not attend by Fonasa? “, questioned the Union leader.”
Baldecchi added that doctors left to supply insurers, but continued doing by Fonasa or in a particular way.
Also darts against the isapres noted: “we are at a disadvantage, isapres are large companies, holdings that have vertical integration, because they are owners of clinics and medical centers, and we all we wanted was to improve the conditions in which we worked, which were not favorable, and remained so during the past five years”.

In June 2012, the FNE initiated an investigation to determine the possible collusion of medical gynecologists, who at the beginning of last year put an end to their agreements with the isapres, jointly and simultaneously, since failed negotiations with these institutions to increase the tariff of the specialists.
In addition, also are accused of having increased in a joint and simultaneous manner their tariffs, from the $13 billion by providing paid in January 2012, at a minimum price of $25 billion.
According to the FNE, doctors would have created the trade association to negotiate jointly with the isapres and Act (collusion) concertedly, what would have been proven in research. Even doctors entrusted you to the President of the trade union organization, Francisco Baldecchi, the Mission of representing them in negotiations with the isapres.
The FNE considered this conduct as collusion, which is aggravated even more since these 25 professionals would represent close to 90% of the medical supply of specialty in Ñuble.
Therefore, the research body, in addition to requesting the above-mentioned fines, requests an additional fine of 50 UTA ($24.5 million) for Baldecchi and the dissolution of the trade union organization.

Defense of the physicians
The trade union leader said that defending it are studying with a team of lawyers from the Medical College, who have worked with them since the investigation was initiated.
He recalled that he attended to declare in the framework of the mentioned research and that it is now up to the Court to cite them again, where you may submit their disclaimers.
Accessed from the bottom of the accusation, he said that the doctors were entitled to put an end to the agreements and that there was no collusion. “What happens is that it was obvious that someone had to represent the gynecologists and converse with the isapres, and that role is assumed by the trade association, or imagines 25 doctors negotiating?”.
With respect to the decision to terminate the agreements with the isapres, Baldecchi explained that “we went because the conditions were not favorable and had not changed in five years, we did” exercising a freedom.
Asked about the FNE request respect of dissolving the Asociación gremial for having been the platform to carry out collusion, and that would have been created for this purpose in August 2011, leader flatly rejected it and said that the Agency was not created for that purpose.
“We believe the trade association to perform different functions, the main objective was to ensure the ethical and moral performance of professionals in areas such as the delivery of medical licenses, for example; “what happened was that some time of created was the subject of agreements and labour was drifting towards that, but in any case it was created for that”, said with vehemence the optional.

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