The 20 films that all militant politician should see

Each time we present these items clarified that this list does not express our liking or qualification by these films. Simply, we have ordered and listed to present them to our readers.

In this case, all address topics related to politics or political history, from the life of a politician in particular to the treatment of the subject from a general point of view, covering all political. Are we left with their trailers so that you can choose and enjoy on project free tv.


1 Citizen Kane (1941)

A senior US tycoon Charles Foster Kane, owner of a large chain of newspapers, a radio network, two unions and an unimaginable collection of artworks, dies in Xanadu, his fabulous castle oriental style. The last word he utters before expiring, “Rosebud”, meaning an enigma, arouses great curiosity both in the press and among the population. So, a group of journalists initiate an investigation to unravel the mystery.

2- The (1949)

Willi Stark (Broderick Crawford), an honest and brave man, undergoes a transformation the day we decide to go into politics and discovers that everything is foul play. After being elected governor, forgetting its principles, the first thing is to take over the press and radio. Become a corrupt being will do everything in his power to stay in power.

3- Operation slaughter (1973) – Available in Youtube

Based on the non-fiction novel written by Rodolfo Walsh, “Operation Slaughter” (1957). In 1956 a counter-coup fails the self-appointed military dictatorship Liberating Revolution, and on a vacant lot in Jose Leon Suarez, Buenos Aires, are killed several civilians suspected of being part of the uprising. Nevertheless seven people manage to survive the slaughter and tell the story.

4- Rebellion in Patagonia (1974) – Available on Youtube

In 1920, some workers of Patagonia (Argentina), grouped in anarchist and socialist societies, decide to go on strike demanding better working conditions. Among workers there are numerous European immigrants ideologically influencing their peers. The situation becomes unsustainable and the government of Yrigoyen sent from Buenos Aires, Lieutenant Colonel Zavala to restore order.

5- All the President’s Men (1976)

In 1972, two young journalists from The Washington Post, Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), begin to investigate the raid on the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington. His findings triggered the so-called ‘Watergate’, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.


6- There will be no more sorrow or forgetfulness (1983) – Available on Youtube

Celebrated adaptation of the novel by Argentine writer Osvaldo Soriano, proposing a critical eye not without humor Argentina political reality. The film is set in a small town, where two factions of Peronism face: one headed by the mayor, and one represented by the municipal delegate. The film received several awards including the Berlin Film Festival.

7- The Killing (1984)

Sydney is a journalist of “The New York Times” sent to Cambodia in 1972 as a war correspondent.Once there, he meets Dith Pran, a native who serves as guide and interpreter. In 1975, the Cambodian government to fall, US They withdraw from the country, and the whole family emigrated to America Pran except he who decides to keep the journalist to assist you further. Both refugees living in the French embassy, ​​but when they decide to leave Cambodia, the revolutionary army barred from leaving the country to Pran, who is imprisoned in a concentration camp.

8- Salvador (1986)

Tragedy on the civil wars in Central America in the eighties. Richard Boyle was an American reporter who worked in El Salvador in this period. The shock experienced to discover for himself certain aspects of reality, not knowing what impelled to compromise and take sides.

9- The Night of the Pencils (1986) – Available on Youtube

In September 1976, during the first months of the military dictatorship in Argentina, seven teenagers from the city of La Plata are kidnapped, tortured and killed because of their protests against rising student ticket. The film recounts these events from the voice and presence of her only survivor.

10- JFK (1991)

New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison (Costner) has reopened the case of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and brought charges against some people. After interviewing numerous witnesses Dallas and persons connected with the facts, he held the view that the assassination was the result of a conspiracy that could have involved the FBI, the CIA and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson himself.

11- Nixon (1995)

Richard Nixon was one of the most controversial US presidents While some represented in the wake of Watergate (1973), the worst of American democracy; for others it was a great statesman who helped end the Cold War.

12- Thirteen Days (2000) – Available on Youtube

Missile Crisis of Cuba. In October 1962, a series of aerial photographs of Cuba, obtained by the US military revealed that the Soviets were installing nuclear weapons on the island that could reach much of the United States. To force the Soviet Union to dismantle the missiles, President John F. Kennedy and his colleagues decided to blockade the island.

13- Kamchatka (2002)

The difficult years of the military dictatorship in Argentina are contemplated by Harry, a ten year old boy who just wants to play and mess around with her little brother. However, in 1976, when his family persecuted by the dictatorship, was forced to hide in the countryside begins for him a new life that will end his childhood.

14- V for Vengeance (2006)

In the not too distant future, Britain has become a totalitarian country ruled with an iron fist by a tyrant (John Hurt). One evening after curfew, Evey (Natalie Portman) is rescued in the street by a masked mystery whose name is V (Hugo Weaving). The strange character explains what your plans are to regain freedom. And indeed, all the shares of V will aim to blow across the country a revolution against the fascist government.

15- The Queen (2006)

Account of the political events that occurred after the death of Princess Diana. It focuses especially on the talks held between the Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Tony Blair to reach an agreement on the popular call for a national mourning was held.

16- Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

In the early eighties, an amateur fun US Congressman, a woman of high society in Houston staunch advocate of good causes and CIA passionate about the challenges conspired to carry out the largest covert operation history. Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts), one of the wealthiest women in Texas and virulent anti-Communist, convinced the congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) to help the Afghan mujahideen, getting funds and arms to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan. The companion Charlie fight this hard battle was the CIA agent Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

17- Che: El Argentino – Guerrilla (2008)

Biopic of the famous guerrilla revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, based on his diary. Narrates the period of the guerrilla in the Sierra Maestra, under the command of Fidel Castro, from the landing of the Granma in December 1956 until Batista fled president who ruled Cuba with the blessing of the Americans since 1952. Festival Cannes film entirely issued (April 4 hours). In commercial theaters is emitted divided into two films, “Che: The Argentine” and “Guerrilla” (140 minutes each).

18- The Frost Nixon (2008)

Adaptation of the play by Peter Morgan about the interview of journalist David Frost and President Nixon. During the three years following his departure from the White House, Richard Nixon remained silent. However, when in the summer of 1977 he gave an interview to discuss his mandate and Watergate, he surprised everyone in selecting David Frost. Even the journalist team was not sure of the success of the interview Would Nixon evade questions of his role in one of the most outrageous cases that had been implicated Casablanca? You Could Frost boot clear answers to a man who was a master of evasive and subterfuge?

19. Invictus (2009)

Adaptation of a book by John Carlin (Playing the Enemy). In 1990, after his release, Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) comes to the presidency of his country and decreed the abolition of the “Apartheid”. Its aim was to carry out a policy of reconciliation between the black majority and the white minority. In 1995, the celebration in South Africa Rugby World Cup was the instrument used by the black leader to build national unity.

20- Revolution: Crossing the Andes (2010) – Available on Youtube

Leandro Ipiña takes away from the views that were discussed earlier in this new film on St. Martin.Narrated by an old man who in his youth was amanuensis of San Martin and in 1880 the story lives badly in a pension, the film interweaves the intimate interest of his narrative with a visual display of avasallantes dimensions to cover this first crossing of the Andes in the St. Martin liberation in South America of viceroyalties raised.

21- White Elephant (2012)

Tells the story of friendship between two priests, Julian and Nicholas, who after surviving an assassination attempt by the army during his work in Central America, are based in a suburb of Buenos Aires to develop their apostolate and social work. They meet Luciana, who will fight side by side against corruption, an endemic disease in the area. Their work faced with the church hierarchy and the government and police power. Nevertheless, they continue risking their lives to keep their commitment and loyalty to the neighbors.

The notes are important: This list is not ordered by importance or significance. Just try to list the films having the same subject (or similar) and display them all together with their trailers. They may not be specific films of a country and we take the most renowned in most blogs fans and suitable in the subject.